Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bersih supporters made a fool of themselves in front of PM in UK

A Must-watch video.   PM's visit to UK being interrupted by  hooligans who did not get proper education nor upbringing  in the area of humility, respect and manners. 

I  think they have just graduated from the JUNGLE.

It is a Blessing in disguise that these goons were -inadvertently- allowed to 'rant and chant' for 1- 2 full minutes, (like rabid dogs or those afflicted with Mad Cow Disease) long enough to be witnessed by the civilised crowd , what fools they were.

The vocal ones successfully made a fool of front of a polite crowd which behave like a gentleman. 

These few monkeys are "uneducated" mentally,  never learned civilmindedness and good manners in school or at home, I conclude.

Who brought them up as kids?? Don't you wonder?

These clowns prefer to disrupt a speech like Tarzan; but  the same clowns won't stay for a civilised  forum or dialogue with the PM.

Yet, hats off to The Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia, who kept his cool. 
So cool that the clowns went silent after 1 minute and -for sure- felt embarassed in front of the crowd who were all there to welcome the PM.

Watch the video .
Make your own conclusion.

"Bersih" breeds and attracts these  obnoxious kinds of personality. 
Do YOU want to be part of this "culture club?   Silakan

The Malays call it Kurang Ajar

-forwarded by nshinah.msia

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