Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat is behind the "Bersih" agenda

Here is part of the interview (TheStar) with Tunku Abdul Aziz, ex-DAP, which confirmed that Pakatan Rakyat was behind the "Bersih" agenda all along.


Q)  So were the coalition in support of Bersih? Had they made it known?

(Tungku Aziz)  I think they had, all the top boys. All the three parties, it was generally accepted that we were behind it. Sending out messages on Twitter and this and that, getting people to come.
I support Bersih objectives, as long as they don’t cross the police line. My instinct told me that this was not going to end peacefully, from experience, stories, reports you have read from other parts of the world. All demonstrations particularly street demos start off peacefully but the average rate of success where they end peacefully is very small.
 (Tunku Aziz just revealed that Pakatan Rakyat is behind BERSIH. What excuses will BERSIH supporters use now? The rally on 28th April 2012 wasn’t hijacked during that afternoon. In fact it was masterminded by Pakatan Rakyat. Ambiga is just a mere puppet).

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