Friday, May 11, 2012

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"In the past seventeen years millions of troops from approximately 60 nations have served under NATO command in wars and post-war zones in several countries outside of the military bloc's territory." (See GLOBAL WARFARE: The Worldwide Deployment of NATO's Global Expeditionary Force)
Indeed this inflated military agenda — now targeting countries like Iran, Syria, China, Pakistan and beyond — is hitting closer to home than many would like to believe:
"Syria may seem like an isolated conflict, but is in reality linked to us directly, regardless of where we live. Either we live in a nation that will be next, or a nation who will be further crushed under the hubris, power, and arrogance of an empowered Wall Street and London elite." (See SYRIA: The Kofi Annan "Peace Plan" is a Ploy. The Unspoken Objective is "Regime Change" by Tony Cartalucci)
Understanding these links is crucial to having broad understanding of the geo-political forces at play, and what can be done to stop them. Global Research doesn't shy away from exposing corporate exploitation and media manipulation; we confront it head on through in-depth and independent coverage of global events. In turn, our readers are helping the beacon of truth shine brighter by passing on the information, engaging in research and dialogue, and achieving real and sustainable empowerment.

To maintain our complete independence, Global Research does not accept government or corporate funding. It may seem obvious, but how can any organization or individual have the freedom to speak the truth if they are funded by the very agencies actively engaged in the dissemination of disinformation? Our independence matters to us and we know it matters to you, our readers.

Therefore, we ask you to come together and show your support by making a donation and/or starting a membership (which includes a free book offer) and ensuring that the message reaches as many people as possible. Please help us in the fight against mainstream media lies, we cannot do it without your support."

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