Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Academy, Graduation and into the real world

There is a mixed feeling of relief and gratitude to ALLAH when another son finishes college.  So, time for me to have a break and see a few nice places after his graduation.
As petroleum engineer, you will be assigned to many places, i guess.

ALHAMDULILLAH you made it.
AND being in the WHO's WHO list in the University of  OKLAHOMA, was well deserved.

Congrats son, and to all graduates.

Thank you PETRONAS.
Thank you Government of Malaysia, for creating Petronas over 30 years ago.

Kami rakyat Malaysia bersyukur.

Vacation in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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  1. Salam and congrats on your son's graduation. I have been reading with sadness since the last election, the mud slinging, the lies and non stop lies spun by the opposition. Just to let you know, as a Chinese, I am not proud of some of them. Even from a family of strong dap supporters for years, this round, a few of us turn over to BN for the first time. There are people like us chinese, just tired of the charade by the opposition and these dapster with their red beans lying in cyberspace is shameful. Yes, we are very grateful to be in this beautiful country Malaysia, now marred by the endless quest of someone so desperate to be PM, and he continues to exist to poison the minds of so many people throughout here and the world. While many rejoice on the so called 'tsunami votes', i'd like to tell that there are a minority of us whom aren't blindfolded by their tales. Maybe they used to be good?, but this round, there is just way too much rubbish from them. Within our family, we stay away from those strong dap supporters. No point arguing with them, they are all too taksub with whatever they believed, lies and all..and soon, lies and truth is not much difference, and finally lies will be the truth. How can Anwar be a good leader is beyond me. For someone who said he will retire if he lose, and not, shows what quality in his promises. May god bless you always...continue to write and believe...MK