Tuesday, May 28, 2013

George Soros, Global Investors, Greed and the Rothschild Family

GEORGE SOROS IS a Hungarian Jew. Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz.

When young Gyorgy Schwartz enrolled in the London School of Economics in 1947 he changed his surname to Soros. 

In 1956 Soros settled in NYC. George Soros then built his multi-billionaire international hedge fund called the Quantum Fund.

Geroge Soros is known for saving George Bush Jr from a 1990 bankruptcy.

 Soros still works with Bush Sr in the Carlyle Group a powerful financial organization & international weapons dealer controlled by the Rothschilds who own Vickers Munitions Here.

Soros has been equally active in many changes of governments throughout the world including the overthrow of Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze in 2003 a devout Orthodox Christian.

An area of interest for Soros is “rights for prostitutes.” This is part of his efforts to subvert traditional Christian values and undermine America’s families.

Soros wants to legalize prostitution and then provide free condoms Here.

 Soros also promotes American open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws.



Richard Katz: Former head of Rothschild Italia and an officer of NM Rothschild & Sons in London. Katz is now a member of Soros’ Quantum Fund committee.

Nils Taube: Partner of the Rothschild investment group St James Place Capital which now belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild, son and heir of Jacob Rothschild. Taube is also a member of Soros’ “Quantum Fund.”

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So, one would ask, what has Soros got to do with Malaysia and today's chaotic politics and the undermining of Malaysian unity ?

Read here:

Wahai saudara-saudara beragama Islam Malaysia (tak kira lah pro-politik apa sekalipun atau kulit warna apa pun) , WAJIB kita bersatu menentang anasir-anasir subversif (kafir/ Yahudi) tersebut yang saya berani namakan THE HIDDEN HANDS), yang akan terus menggunakan individu-individu seperti Anwar Ibrahim, Adam Adli, dan agensi-agensi portal media dan parti politik PKR, -yang telah mereka rasuah dan beri dana yang tidak terhingga sejak belasan tahun dulu- untuk MERUNTUHKAN AQIDAH & PERPADUAN ummah di negara tercinta ini.

membawa bendera Israel di demo jalanan BERSIH

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