Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Barisan Nasional: The Way Forward -2013 and beyond

I came cross this enlightening and deeply thoughtful statement from a reader in  Helen Ang blog..

"..The best form of check and balances is within the (BN/ Barisan Nasional) coalition itself, not from partisan Opposition parties who will just oppose for the sake of being contradictory. 

The BN formula of inter-racial cooperation (despite our differences and disagreements), is still sound currency and there is no need to obliterate our respective ethnic identities.

A nation of peoples from different cultural background can forge a consensus on the basis of a common good.

BN must recapture its original principles of give and take, compromise for the bigger picture and return to moderation in their call of service to the people.

 BN must first strengthen its ranks with credible men and women from all sectors who can better represent the party and its ideals. 

BN must find the courage to do what is necessary to rebuild its image and brand. 

Start now, not later, because there is a possibility that Najib might need to go for the ultimate fresh start.

UMNO or BN, no man is larger than the party / coalition. 

Pick intelligent, articulate and ambitious men and women with vision, then build around the leaders a team of committed younger party cadres to execute a renewal of ideas, energy and plans."


WE want peace and WE oppose troublemakers


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