Friday, May 31, 2013

DAP, Arrogance and Harassing others

ARROGANCE AND DAP are synonymous....obvious to me and to many rakyat out there. 

Here's just one example. There are countless.

" ...A certain Chong Chieng Jen, (DAP-Kota Sentosa)who happens to be from DAP Sarawak said "BN has been literally wiped out in areas populated by the well-informed, highly educated voters. They (BN) are no match for us and these are the two facts they cannot deny.”

We do know that Pakatan politicians and their supporters like to think highly of themselves as more educated, enlightened and have better political awareness. So the above statement, though smack of arrogance, is not unexpected.

However in reality, Pakatan fans are some of the most ignorant, gullible yet proud people.

During the last general election, we saw some overly enthusiastic Pakatan supporters who saw themselves as some sort of "ghostbusters" gathered together to form human barricade against "phantom voters". 

Yet we didn't see any phantoms caught also.
All we saw was, some poor chaps who did not look Malaysians enough were harrassed and assaulted. 

These Pakatan supporters made a fool of themselves, yet proud of it.

These people believe some of the most ridiculous stories from the submarines that cannot dive to the secret nuclear reactor in Gebeng. From the story of the great magician Najib who used blackout to change election results to the great escape of Dr Mahathir to Europe."


Second example of the ARROGANCE of the most pathetic pro-Opposition blog that insults the Constitutional monarchy and Islam itself.
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