Monday, May 20, 2013

DAP the and the threat of Malay becoming a minority in Malaysia

"Any Chinese would have had the experience that every single one of our family, relatives, Chinese friends, colleagues and acquaintances would vote oppo(sition) without exception.

It is only Umno and you Malays that were shocked by the tsunami on May 5. We Chinese expected nothing less. 
The Dapsters on the other hand were fully expecting to occupy Putrajaya. That means they knew 110% for sure DAP had the Chinese vote sewn up."

{taken from the blog of Helen Ang}

My Conclusion;
1. If you Malays and Muslims, the natives of your own homeland, CHOOSE to fight among yourselves,  divide your  votes, and remain divided into three political factions, you as the Muslim representative  of your community, will see your nation fall into of the (political) hands of the non-Musllims, yes, non-Muslims; and Islam will no longer be the pillar and strength that has kept your community together all this time.
2. When the chinese solidly back DAP (chinese first, Malaysian last, Islam most last), DAP may have majority of seats in parliament; 
then when they allign with liberal-pro-LGBT PKR and PAS (which is willing to compromise on its own values just to get posts), 
 DAP , being clearly anti-Islam,anti-Hudud, anti-Islamic state, may dictate and push to change Federal Constitution and make you Malays and natives of Malaysia as minority groups (eventually) with little say in your rights to practise your way of life and religion, which you have taken FOR GRANTED ALL THIS WHILE (observe  the history of Native Indians, Aboriginals).
3. Bear in mind, that, in the   fragile "Pakatan Rakyat" alliance, PAS is the weakest. 
4. In GE13, for example, PAS lost many seats. Even PKR did poorly compared to GE12. DAP got more seats.
5.  If you  equate PAS with "Muslim votes" or "Muslim power" in  any way at all, you can clearly see where the nation is   going to, if (God forbid) DAP-PKR-PAS alliance had won the GE13.  DAP, Christians, missionaries, pro-LGBT and liberal sections of the community would have had a field day from hereon. 
6. With  GOD's blessings, BN remains at the forte; in a way, Islam remains safe and its virtuous values  continue to assimilated  into the government's policies in  Malaysia  for years to come.
7. DAP and PKR are shrewd. To appease the native the Malays and pribumis, they  cleverly "install" a Malay figure-head as "head", e.g. Menteri Besar/ president/ prime minister/ Chief MIninster; but they are the ones who make / change policies behind the scenes (away from the public eye), and dictate tot he "head" what to do, what to say.
8. Start observing the persons who consistently flank Khalid Ibrahim (Menteri Besar Selangor) since he became MB at every press conference (from 2008).
9. This is the typical modus operandi   of American pro-Israeli style: install a puppet head, who will toe the line and follow orders, what to say, what to do. Orders come from behind him. One false move, and he will be demonised, and before long, out he goes.

10. For DAP and its xifu, PAP, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and "freedom of press media" is just another word. They tell others, but they do not practise it.
11. PAS  should allign with BN (National Alliance) which is already the Ruling Party, and start making a headway in together strenghtening the nation and religion through the  existing Ruling Party, rather than wasting time going against the tide, rather than alligning with pa rties which have their own selfish agenda. 


  1. Very simplistic of you to assume that each of the parties are homogenous in their thinking and attitudes - that DAP is all "Chinese first", PKR as "liberal-pro-LGBT" and PAS "willing to compromise on its own values just to get posts."

  2. You may wish to educate yourself by this article:
    No sobriety or sanity in ex-judge’s statement
    May 23, 2013
    FMT LETTER: From P Ramakrishan, via e-mail
    Decent thinking Malaysians were justifiably shocked that a former judge of the Court of Appeals, Mohd Noor Abdullah, could have expressed views that are so abhorrently out of character for a judge. There was no sobriety or sanity in his statement.
    One would expect such incoherent utterings from the likes of extremists from Umno – not from a judge. But then, he reportedly has some connection with Umno and therefore it should not come as a surprise. Apparently, he is a member of Umno’s disciplinary committee.
    He doesn’t seem to understand simple mathematics. The Chinese form about 26% of the population. The popular vote of the Pakatan was 51%. This being the case how could the Chinese have betrayed the Malays, presumably by voting for the DAP? Not every Chinese voter voted for the DAP. That is pretty obvious.
    If it was only the Chinese vote that made the difference, how do you account for the Barisan’s loss in Kelantan? Did the Chinese contribute to Umno’s loss in Kelantan? Pakatan came within a whisker of victory in Terengganu; was it because of the Chinese vote?
    For the complete article go to:

  3. Typical of these opposition (pr)supporters to think so very highly of themselves, thus asking others to 'educate yourself', to label others 'too simplistic' etc, when the real situation is the undeniable fact that they are having serious and damaging hallucinations which will eventually send them all to sheer lunacy! To these pr supporters,do not generalize that 'all decent thinking Malaysians' subscribe to your kind of lop-sided delusion. 'Justifiably shocked'? Only you and your kind are 'shocked' that the majority in this country feels like the ex-judge. Only you and your kind are too big for your boots. Persons with inferiority complex will always try to put others down, while unashamedly claiming superior (false)intelligence. Pathetic.