Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Chinese Malaysians stab Najib in the back

(edited from Mahaguru58.blogspot)

The Chinese here in Malaysia were absolutely wooed by the Barisan Nasional Chairman Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak and the man went head over heels in trying to win over the community.

The man :
  • donned Chinese Mandarin attire, 
  • did a Chinese New Year TV commercial, 
  • played the Chinese drums here and there, 
  • threw Yee Sang with the beleaguered MCA @ Malaysian Chinese Association leaders with their self-admitting adulterous President the infamous Chua Soi Lek, 
  • spoke Mandarin over the Chinese radio stations with his Mandarin speaking son, 
  • gave out billions of ringgits and land to Chinese vernacular schools, gave in to the incessant demands of the Dong Jiao Zong (United Chinese Schools Committees Association of Malaysia) Chinese interests and Education pressure group 
  • and did more for the Chinese than most of the other BN Premiers before this!
All these was to no avail!

The Malaysian Chinese in general screwed Najib and the BN really bad  in the 13th GE! 

MCA and GERAKAN, two of the main Chinese political parties in the BN coalition suffered extreme losses in the recent 13th GE!

So bad was the impact on the hearts of the many crestfallen members of MCA that many of the MCA branches in Malaysia have decided to close their service centres as their sacrifices and services to the Malaysian people especially to the ungrateful Chinese were not appreciated!

The cartoon is absolutely correct.


  1. That's the real world!You live,you learn...

  2. Some proverbs/idioms apt for this situation are 'It cuts both ways', 'Once bitten twice shy', 'Wisdom for the pain', 'Every cloud has a silver lining'. Now the Malays, Bumiputeras and their 'friends' can move on without the 'unnecessary baggage'. The good will always try to do better although unappreciated. We have tried. We offered 'friendship' which was turned down arrogantly. 'Let sleeping dogs lie and go to ruin of their own making'. This is the 'silver lining'. The 'hikmah'. Alhamdulillah. The ways of the world are indeed uncanny.