Sunday, May 19, 2013

His middle name is "LUPA BERSYUKUR" A.K.A. ADAM ADLI

What  kind of parents nurture  such ARROGANT values in a child?

When was the last time Adam Adli went to do volunteer work in the Ground Zero of Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq.. in the IMMEDIATE aftermath of a war or a war-ceasefire?
or perhaps.......during the war??

or his warzone is just ..on CERAMAH PLATFORMS?
hahaha.  He's a clown.

I can assure you, that, if he did venture to places which are virtually "ONE-WAY TICKET" zones, then he will come back as a man, a real man, a HUMBLE man.
Humility will be his middle name.

What  kind of parents nurture  such ARROGANT values in a child?

Believe me, only the neocons, American proZionist, with banking interests in global (financial and economic) expansion...including the family of Rothschild, will love him, For reasons..I shall elaborate later in my future blog.

Just like how they 'identified' and 'groomed' Anwar  Ibrahim decades ago.

Training and puppet leaders ...takes decades, folks.

It is not an overnight job.



Tyre, Lebanon South (border with Israel) 

Ghazzah, Palestine

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