Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do you Bite the hands that feed you?

Just asking.

Here's a story from rakyat Malaysia, that I read from syedoutsidethebox blog. with comments from several sections of the Malaysian people:

"I am grateful to admit that I am one of the beneficiaries of the affirmative action...Zaizul Zaman"

Following the article, many wrote in to express their gratitude for having NEP / affirmative action that had brought prosperity to Malaysian people.:

1. "I ended up working in MNC though, thanks to my good grades and NEP policy. Why do I say NEP policy helped me get a job in MNC despite my excellent qualifications? I should get in on merit right?. 

Do you honestly think that without Govt monitoring the Bumi quota, the MNC Chinese managers will employ Bumis? They will hide behind "meritocracy" excuses.  kSo what if your results are great or even better than the Chinese? They will then use subjective criteria like "leadership skills", "communication skills" and all those crap to give the job to their own kind. 

I think it is time Bumis realise that Chinese do not play fair. Bumis that want to give away their rights are very short-sighted. The Chinese will appeal to your sense of fairness but they themselves will not play fair. Don't believe me? Try working in Chinese owned companies, then you will know the true meaning of meritocracy in their books. Chinese are hardcore racist. If you think they are colour blind, you must be borned yesterday.

Do not be fooled by their mulut manis. Shoe shine is their specialty. Bumis lembut hati and baik hati that's why senang kena goreng. They must be laughing behind your back or maybe even infront of you! Speaking among themselves in their language that you don't understand.

2. I am not a Malay, but I do agree with writer the affirmative policy should remain but the implementation should be revised otherwise it is going to be the demise of UMNO.

3. Aku ingat lagi. Tahun 70 an, apabila anak Melayu dapat masuk universiti, satu kampung tumpang bangga. Ibu bapa kepada anak Melayu itu apatah lagi. Kembang tersengih saja apabila ada orang cerita pasal anak dia. 

Tiap-tiap petang keliling kampung keluar besiar-siar nak suruh orang tegur, pastu boleh bukak cerita anak dia dapat masuk universiti. 

Sebelum berangkat ke bandar, diadakan kenduri kesyukuran dan dijemput seluruh orang kampung datang. Pada ketika itu, apabila dapat masuk universiti, tak kisah lah pengajian apa, adalah sesuatu yang amat besar bagi orang Melayu. Mendapat tempat di menara gading adalah impian dan cita-cita anak-anak Melayu pada waktu itu. Walaupun pada masa tu telah pun ada biasiswa, ibubapa yang risau anak-anak mereka tak cukup makan, dipajaknya tanah satu dua lot supaya anak-anak mereka dapat hidup selesa di bandar. 

Apabila tamat pengajian, dapat kerja yang bagus-bagus dan menetap pula di bandar-bandar besar, mereka ini tiba-tiba berubah. Dikutuk, dicaci makinya pula orang yang bertanggungjawab memberinya peluang sampai ke tahap tersebut.
These educated urban dwellers now feel superior. They feel special. They now start talking about discrimination, nepotism, cronyism, corruption, equality, meritocracy, racism and change. ""..Let's go to the streets this coming Saturday and show them we are opposed to all of that..".

The hard truth is my friend, the system you are opposed to is actually the same system which rolled down the ladder so people like you could climbed out from poverty.

4. (Rafizi Ramli said this: in his blog just before GE13, and deliberately left out the facts that he was selected into MCKK because of BN, he was given the best education because BN gave him that, he went overseas on scholarship thanks to BN policies to help the rural Malays, etc.. (It was dated 3rd May 2013),

5.  There is rampant and always present discrimination by the chinese in business opportunities in malaysia (in this so-called tanah melayu, how ironic)

the chinese practise cronyism, racism, and employ unfair competition rules in the business world -this is done very casually and taken as a fact of doing business in malaysia.

try opening a car workshop, a retail store, a bookshop, and soon you will be eventually squeezed out. the wholesalers of the business world are 99% chinese and they control the levers of business sustainability.

a bumi legal firm would find it hard or nearly impossible to serve a chinese company/bank/corporate entity. yes, this is a direct experience of my sibling in the legal world.

a bumi engineering consulting company would never win the job in a consistent manner. you know why ? the main contractor speaks chinese in project meetings.

the chinese are an industrious people. they work hard. but they only want to do business with their own kind.

they have all these informal business agreements that an outsider can never understand.(ironic and true, the bumi is considered an outsider in the commercial world, in their own land). they give their own kind good business terms, credits, competitive pricing that allows a SUSTAINABLE business to be built. the bumi contractor is dead after one business cycle !

the affirmative action policies is actually a very limited tool for corrective action.

the bulk of the economy of this country is actually out of reach of the affirmative action policies.

80% of the economy is laissez-faire and this is controlled by the chinese. nobody can break into that, unless you are chinese yourself.

so that timeline that was asked? well i would like to ask the same question too.

when can the chinese break up their kongsi's, their business cartels, their family stranglehold on wholesalers, their control of goods imported?

if there is a clearly defined plan to truly create a level playing field in business, then we can talk timelines..
6.  What the Malays can do to help other Malays is to pay back their Mara loans. That is a simple enough activity that can benefit others.

The huge number of defaulters shows either moral bankruptcy (refusing to pay) or poor selection of loan candidates (what was the loan used for that resulted in non-performance ?)

We must also acknowledge that there will always be rural areas because there will be people who choose to live the simpler life. They do not need a Starbucks or shopping mall in their neighbourhood."
Bersyukur kepada Ilahi




  1. Dalam tahun 70an, pergi ke rumah 10 orang Melayu, nak tengok gambar anak Melayu graduate, mungkin 1. Tapi sekarang, pergi 10 rumah Melayu, sekurang nya 8 rumah ada gambar anak Melayu graduate. Kadang kadang sampai 2/3 adik beradik.

    Apa? Melayu tak puas hati lagi dengan sistem NEP dan Kerajaan? Memang Melayu tak mengenang jasa. Siapa punya tarbiah? Tak lain tak bukan PAS PIS PUS.

  2. Cina ni perasan saja tapi bukannya pandai pun. Pernah dalam satu 'site meeting' apabila ditanya tentang Kyoto Protocol, jurutera cina tu ternganga diam tak berani komen. Rupanya dia tak pernah dengar tentang isu tu. LOL. Cuba tanya dia orang tentang 'general knowledge', gerenti melopong je. Lulus periksa main hafal je. Kalau kerja dgn. kerajaan dia orang paling pemalas. Ada juruteknik cina masuk kerja 'punch card' lepas tu keluar sampai petang. Kalau yang duduk pejabat bersembang dan mengumpat. 'Hype' saja dia orang pandai dan rajin. Semua penipu.

  3. ya umno sahaja yang betul..yg diredhai Allah s.w.t..rosmah pakai pun mematuhi syariat islam..semoga kita2 yang pakai mengikut syariat islam berkumpul sekali dengan rosmah yang mengikut syariat islam di akhirat kelak..

    1. Memang UMNO betul dan baik sebab UMNO tak fitnah orang, tak hukum dan menghina orang lain sewenang-wenangnya (mcm setengah parti/orang yang rasa diri sendiri dah betul sangat), TIDAK doakan keburukan orang/parti lain seperti yang PAS lakukan.

  4. pakaila macam rosmah mansor..buat apa pakai tudung..kata cerdik!!!kata suka mambaca..bacalah buku agama banyak2..bukakan hati..solat istikharah minta petunjuk dengan Allah swt..minta petunjuk dan minta kebenaran dengan Allah swt..bykkan baca tafsir Al-quran juga..dan pasal hadis2 nabi..ikhlas dari hamba Allah swt..bepesan2lah dgn kbnaran dan kesabaran..