Saturday, January 19, 2013

Azrul Azwar of Bank Islam: His intimacy with PKR: as truth unfolds

His comments made in a Singapore forum...Regional Outlook Forum.
A coincidence?
Not at all.

He was never neutral in the first place.

Quoting from stopthelies, "Wawa- as he is fondly known by Anwar , Nurul Izzah and Rafizi-  and the PKR leaders communicate frequently, passionately and discreetly. Anwar, Nurul Izzah and Rafizi will admit that they have been in regular contact with the Bank Islam chief economist for quite a while. 

"Wawa has been their “insider”, their “fly on the wall” at highly classified internal meetings and meetings with Bank Negara, and the spy who has been leaking to his handlers, including to Anwar Ibrahim directly, confidential information of the Bafia kind, from Board papers to correspondence between the central bank and the banking and financial institutions."

There !

His breach of Bank policies will soon unfold.

Playing 'hero' by talking about politics -and forecasting - on a matter that is not HIS  area of expertise, while holding a top post in a banking-corporate organisation, will soon backfire. 

The previously silent Bank Islam now has no choice but to open the pandora box about this guy and his misdemanour in the bank where he works.

May Allah save this nation by allowing the rakyat to see the treachery and sabotage that the Opposition promotes in their culture.

More reading:
"Patutlah pembangkang beria-ia membela Ketua Ekonomi Bank Islam, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin yang digantung tugas susulan pembentangannya (di Singapura)..
Rupa-rupanya beliau adalah ahli PKR."

Ini diakui sendiri Timbalan Presiden parti itu, Azmin Ali.
"Azrul's views as presented in Singapore reflected that he has been Anwar's boy, placed in the bank together with more of such people in Bank Islam all over the country, the young educated liberals who idolized Anwar as though the latter is demi-god."

"What the opposition is playing now is to get professionals to give out poor ratings to the present ruling coalition as the general election nears so that psychologically voters would then opt for the winning party as being pictured by the professionals.

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