Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lynas protest: a lost cause, a hoax. Who is behind it?

"How big is their NGO membership to claim to represent the people?

Basically they are merely mouthpiece of the opposition operating a piecemeal strategy to focus their target on segments of voters.
One laughable demand is from the light green colour anti-Lynas group.

They started out as protesting against the Lynas factory in Gebeng, Pahang. However, as it progress, this DAP-backed group turned out to be a hoax.

They could only talk in rhetoric at the public hearing. Could not produce a single expert and study to substantiate their their claims. Finally, technical studies reports from various agencies and authorities gave Lynas a clean "bill of health."

In the first place, did this people study Chemistry? Rare earth is not radioactive and a PAS's nuclear scientist confirmed it. Embarassed with the episode, they insist with their demand on Lynas as they try to find other causes.

They tried to pick issue against an Australian company mining for gold in Raub and only to end up facing a lawsuit. Then these troublemakers suspected of being  backed by some business and foreign government interest are now tormenting Pengerang after PAS's Salahuddin Ayub failed to make in-roads."


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