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Tommy Thomas, Porsches, horses and..blame the Malaysian BN government ?

Readers should read the full article in syedsoutsidethebox.

illustration only
illustration only

-excerpt from syedsoutsidethebox- and stopthelies-

Comments and analysis on Tommy Thomas’s ‘Voting for the Future’ in Malaysian Insider:

1. "Tommy Thomas is an Indian lawyer who has written an article about why he will not vote for the BN.  Among other things he has said  that the BN is "corrupt, oppressive, does not provide opportunities ..."

2. Malaysia was good for him until the 1980s when he uprooted himself, his family and his extended family and migrated to Canada, looking for greener pastures.
Alas, he found that Canada was not the land of milk and honey that he thought it was. Life was tough there.  Not long afterwards, Tommy Thomas packed his suitcase again, and returned to Malaysia where he resumed his legal practice.
So, Malaysia was good for him before he left for Canada and Malaysia was still good for him and that’s why he returned.

3. Canada, India, Malaysia all have the same soil, they also grow plants on their soil like we do, they also have their rivers, hills and mountains (higher, taller and larger than ours). The only difference between Canada, India and Malaysia are the people that populate the land.

4. Malaysia has obviously offered more opportunity for Tommy Thomas and everyone of us because of the people that run the place here. The people that run the place here are the Malays. (After 1957 the Chinese and the Indians also contributed as well through  the Barisan Nasional coalition Government). These are the people who give you the real opportunities Tommy.  And we will see Tommy's opportunities very shortly. 

5. Tommy Thomas owns two Porsches.  Malaysia was indeed good for him

6. Tommy Thomas owns two thoroughbred horses.

7. ..From Tommy Thomas' own website, here is a list of some of his clients :

Affin Bank Berhad, Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad, Ahmad Zaki Sdn Bhd, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad,  Bursa Malaysia Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, CIMB Investment Bank Berhad, etc. etc

I say Tommy, CIMB Bank? Isnt that the bank that is run by the No. 1 Oppressor's own little brother?  

8. Folks, this is the type of client list where Tommy Thomas suffered so much oppression in Malaysia which enabled him to buy his Porsches and racehorses.

9.  Lastly congratulations Tommy on the Porsches and the thoroughbreds. You have done good. there.  Thats what life is all about too.  Buy a couple more.  "

My comment:
1. Itu lah manusia.  Bila senang, tak bersyukur. 
2. Bila dah susah, bandar huru-hara, baru nak teringin kan masa silam. 
2. Ingat keamanan itu..yang dibina sekian lama, 55 tahun.... datang bergolek ke? Itu semua melibatkan perancangan dan urustadbir yang baik.

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