Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vocal minority does not represent the country's majority

Reflections on the  recent "Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat" at the 30,000 -capacity stadium.

1. Vocal minority does not represent the country's majority.  C'mon la..

2. Harakah front-paged a zoomed up skewed picture of the crowd at the event.  One angle only.

3. Police helicopter picture of the stadium taken from above showed the true birds-eye view of the whole place.

4. I have been in the Stadium Merdeka back in the wonderful days of 1970's where our famous and beloved soccer and soccer heroes played, cheered  by all of us, regardless of race and creed.

5. We KL people know very well that Stadium Merdeka could not in any way imaginable, accomodate a crowd of 100,000 (as haha..claimed by pseudo-independent Malaysiakini, -they can convince the unsupecting non-KL readers-  nor a crowd of 700,000 ( ..haha..claimed by a staunch pro-Anwar academic person).

6. We Malaysians, the silent majority were not born yesterday.

7. We Malaysians, the silent majority, are not as dumb as the Opposition, would like us to believe.

8. The event organisers wanted the world to believe that "1 juta rakyat" (a million people)  will come to KL to support their "holy cause of denouncing the government of the day".

9. Only 30,000-40,000 turned up.

10. Even so, that number was supposed to  represent  up to  16 different factions of the Opposition, many of whom disguise as "NGO".  What a disappointment to them. Padan  muka.

11. Where are the rest of the 29 MILLION rakyat ....whom the Opposition bloggers, Opposition print and portal media claim to be against the Government called Barisan Nasional?

Heboh bukan main.
Tadbir negeri sendiri pun tak reti.
Air terawat di Selangor pun tak reti nak rancang. 
Nak tadbir negara konon.

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