Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Evidence of NGOs like LYNAS and Himpunan Hijau to Change Democratically elected Malaysian Government

Here we are.

Evidence of so-called "benign" NGOs  who  pretend they care about you folks.
They want you to  believe that they are  heroes, and the government is evil.

What BULL.

These so-called "NGO's " call themselves by many names.

The more NGOs there are, the more confused you, the ordinary citizen, will become, as to their primary purpose of activities.

And that's exactly what they want to confuse you.

Evidence of the (not so) hidden agenda of "regime change" , "regime" being the term used by certain (pro-Zionist media) quarters to mean those governments that they do not like and want to replace with the "leaders" they prefer (and can control).

(source: Malaysian Chronicle)

1. Environmental group Himpunan Hijau says “bringing down the regime” will be its focus next year as it started this morning a protest drive convoy from Gombak here to Gebeng, Pahang 

2. On April 28 2012, Himpunan Hijau joined forces with the larger electoral reform movement Bersih, and was involved in clashes between the police force and demonstrators.

3. “We will work hard to bring down the regime … We will bring down the government,” Wong (Himpunan Hijau chairman ) declared.

4. Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack talked to  The Malaysian Insider  recently.

 (source: Malaysian Chronicle)
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  1. These fools and racists are disguising themselves as NGOs...Ceh