Friday, January 11, 2013

MCA vs DAP: which ally will maintain harmony in Malaysian Multiracial Society

1. DAP elections vote Rigging? Juggling act

"There are many questions which have been left unanswered by the party’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng who obviously has a hidden hand in the juggling act of the results.
Why disclose the blunder only after 19 days after the Dec 15 polls following outrageous backlash from the Malay members that not a single Malay was voted into the CEC.
If it is manipulation disguised as human error and blamed on technical glitch, then the question arises – Why the election director Pooi Weng Keong got to resign. It does not make sense. WHY should Pooi resign if it is computer problem and has nothing to do with human error. Caught you there, Guan Eng. They say if you want to bluff, at least learn how to bluff intelligently."

2. MCA
NOTHING DEMOCRATIC: DAP’s congress was notable for not electing a single Malay to its CEC, a sign of the chauvinism in the party
THE recently concluded 16th Democratic Action Party national congress gave multiracialism a whole new meaning. The party failed to return even a single Malay candidate, out of the eight who contested, to its central executive committee. “Malaysian Malaysia”, the party’s stock in trade, proved to be a bare-faced sham, in much the same way as the party’s other bombastic claims.
DAP watchers are united in their verdict that the evidence the congress produced was inconvertible: the occasion will long be remembered by Malays as the definitive triumph of Chinese chauvinism over multiracialism. The “Chinoisnisation” of the party was complete.
Mulltiracialism in the party’s political lexicon is a web of doublespeak or, not to put too fine a point on it, a pack of lies.
So is the term “Democratic” in the party’s name.It is nothing if not a feel-good trap for the unwary.
The truth has now been laid bare: the overwhelming majority of the Chinese membership of the party voted with their feet to send a clear and emphatic message that they wanted no part in changing the chauvinistic Chinese character of their party.
It is clear for all to see that the Lim father and son had scant influence in this matter.
There was no overt support for the Malay candidates and that was that.It is an unapologetically Chinese party, warts and all, founded to continue the failed People Action Party’s narrow Chinese agenda in the nascent federation.
It is fair to say that the congress had left Malays in utter disillusionment, and in absolutely no doubt about their future under DAP.
Ask any Penang Malay for a blow by blow account of what it is like living in Lim Guan Eng’s much trumpeted socialist paradise. How many Malays after all can afford to live on the island proper without the promised safety net of regular employment and affordable housing, which is yet to see the light of day more than four years after the promise was made to trusting, unsuspecting poor Malays and Indians?
The Chineseness of the party is in striking contrast to the much maligned Malaysian Chinese Association.
While unequivocally Chinese, MCA, unlike the Lim family dominated-DAP, understands that given the unique historical, social and economic imperatives that have shaped our fragile nation, playing the zero-sum-game is a suicidal option. 
Malays have worked constructively, in mutual trust and respect, with MCA.
They have proved to be trustworthy and reliable partners in the demanding task of nation-building. Successive MCA leaders, without exception, have put national interests above sectarian considerations.
The contributions of MCA to national unity, peace and prosperity have yet to be given full recognition by the people of our country.  Chauvinistic Chinese such as those to be found in the serried ranks of DAP continue to mount their campaign of hate and lies.
Unlike MCA, DAP as a party, in spite of protestations to the contrary, is Chinese to the core. It makes no concessions to Malay sensibilities: its elected members of parliament and state assemblymen refused, in a display of racial arrogance and defiance of an established practice following their unexpected 2008 election windfall, to don the songkok as it was a Malay headgear.
Chairman Karpal Singh is on record as having issued what amounts to an edict prohibiting DAP members from accepting state awards from Malay rulers.
One or two have gone ahead and accepted these honours, including one man who had made a song and dance over the wearing of the songkok on formal state occasions.
These are the self-same people who at the drop of a hat will proclaim noisily their undivided loyalty to king and country.
Can we trust them to govern a multiracial Malaysia?
The Umno-MCA relationship is based on an instinctive understanding that in a complex society such as ours, the guiding principle as promoted and practised by Tunku Abdul Rahman is to “take some and give back some”.
It is about mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of our cultural diversity.The politics of hate as practised by DAP and its spiritual mentor, Pas, must be nipped smartly in the bud before they take root among the unthinking masses across our society.
The future of our country must be predicated on a solid foundation of national unity, derived from a sense of a common destiny underpinned by fairness and equity.
Their zero-sum-game promoted and nurtured so passionately as an article of faith must be rejected.The nation can ill-afford to experiment and gamble with what is a characteristically unMalaysian ideology, a luxury we can do without in our search for our Malaysian identity.
You cannot say you have not been warned about the hidden traps DAP has set for the unwary.After all, what is apparent is not always real."
PAShit/ Jan 8th; 4.38p,(comment) in 

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