Monday, January 21, 2013

Sharifah Zohra SW1M at UUM: the actual footage of the forum

Much ado about the Forum. 

You need to  follow through the entire Q&A discourse between Bawani and Zohra to appreciate Zohra's response and her position in the forum a a whole.

Not the segmented "cut and cut" pieces of video clips that the pro-DAP-PKR portray and exaggerate in their blogs/social media.

Most  of us have sat through Q&A sessions world wide, local and international forums. 
No  big deal.
So, why  suddenly this Q&A became big deal by the Opposition) and why the session went viral?

Simply because:  Bawani provoked and provoked Zohra, and her (Bawani) comment was in line with the Opposition. The Opposition picked it up as their "bullet" pre-PRU13.

Zohra has NO reason to apologise.  BN has no reason to apologise.

 She is in charge of the forum. She allows people to ask; but as she said, in a with  respect.

When a panelist ,  handling Q&A sessions,  finds that a person in the audience starts rambling beyond his allocated Q&A slot, starts talking in a rude manner  (a.k.a.shouting), and quotes 'figures' from shady sources (nak tunjuk pandai), any panelist will stop him anyway. This is NORMAL.

If you are to view and listen intensely- and fully- start to finish-  the discourse, starting  with "student" Bawani- who spoke as if the moderator and the rest of the Auditorium were DEAF; then followed by Sharifah Zohra's response - as a moderator of the forum; right until THE END of the forum, then one will surely see that a moderator  remains in charge; and must remain in control, even though the person who asks, speaks with little respect to the rest of those present, and has  little, if any, constructive statements to make.

 In fact, if someone comes up to mic. and starts making provocative or derogatory remarks with  intonations that degrade any individual or organisation, it is the PREROGATIVE role of the panelist or moderator to place the house in order and not getting the matter off-tangent, and thus has every right to cut short the comment or question.

Most of us have been to countless forums. Many kinds of people and characters have come up to ask or comment, either emotionally-charged or totally off- track. Most moderators will do what Zohra does.

Zohra remained cool-headed and did not storm off or do anything silly. In fact, she spontaneously extended to shake hands  with Bawani, much the latter's suprise. 

And take note of the huge applause and relief coming from the students in the Auditorium, when Zohra responded the way she did.

I like it when Zohra said..something to this effect....(to Bawani)...if you do  not like the (education) system, then you are free to leave the University and study elsewhere. 

 This statement was received by the rest of the Auditorium with much applause and smiles all around in the Auditorium.  Did the pro-Opposition portal media and print media mention that?  Oops, noo.

Bawani was later seen to 'give up' and finally disappear  into the background.

Zohra, keep it  up. Don't be daunted by these entities. Allah and only ALLAH protects us. Seek refuge from HIM.

The close of the forum, a solemn oath declared by all present, led by a student, was this:

Kami anak anak bangsa peneraju negara, dengan ini berikrar, menentang budaya songsang perosak bangsa, menentang demonstrasi jalanan penghancur keamanan, menentang anasir luar yang menjadi barah perosak anak-anak bangsa, kami menyokong keamanan, keharmonian dan kesejahteraan sesama rakyat Malaysia berbilang bangsa tanpa campur tangan pihak ketiga,” .

[Kata Sharifah Zohra lagi, beliau turut mempersoalkan kenapa sumpah pelajar UUM seperti di dalam klip video itu tidak menjadi sensasi seperti ‘listen, listen, listen’.]

I, like many of us, experienced panelists, local and international, would have done likewise, if faced with provocative entities.

Hey, DAP-PKR people, aren't you offering her(Bawani) as a candidate for PRU13?  


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